Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cute Mini Binder Clips

$3.99 for 36 black and white clips

Aren't these printed black and white mini binder clips adorable?
Way better than the normal clunky black ones in the office, and not much more expensive.
(Compare to these boring black ones at Staples for $3.49/pack of 40)

I am a big fan of desk and office space upgrades.
It's important to like the look of where you spend so much time every day.
And if a little clip is going to make you happy for a brief moment, and make that boring work task a bit more bearable, then it is worth it.

Same thing as my mouse that looks like a bar of gold. It makes me smile for a sec inside when I first use it, so even though it is stupid and not free like a normal work mouse would be, I like it.

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