Monday, January 21, 2013

Travel electic toothbrushes

Violight makes some cool electric toothbrushes that look perfect for travel because they come with their own case.

They come with 2 brush heads and a AAA battery so you can use it right away, which I like.

$12.66 Violight stripe toothbrush
I think I am going to get this one!

$15 Violight bead toothrush
This one is my second favorite design

$19.95 Violight brown python toothbrush
Ooh, classy snake pattern, very hip right now.

$19.99 Violight Girl power toothbrush
OMG so hideous!
This would be a great bachelorette party favor because it is so tacky, and yet so useful that people will end up bringing it with them on trips and hating themselves for it. 

There are also plain silver and blue and purple ones if you want to be boring.

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