Thursday, January 17, 2013

Desk Modification from Ikea

I've been thinking recently about all the cool things you could do with the keyboard trays that you see on some desks (store paper there, or your scanner...) but I don't have one of those.

However, I can get one, and so can you:

SUMMERA Pull-out keyboard shelf IKEA
$9.99 Summera Pull out keyboard tray
You install this on the bottom of any thick, drillable surface (it says you need 3/4" depth) and then you can a cool sliding shelf.
I wonder if you could even put it in a cabinet and basically double your shelf space.
I guess you would have to store flat things, but spaghetti packages are pretty flat.

SIGNUM Cable outlet kit IKEA Easy to use to make an outlet for cables in a table top or a shelf. 
$6.99 Signum cable outlet kit
This is pretty neat. It's a circular saw drill bit that screws onto your home drill (you have one, right?) and cuts out a nice circle which just happens to be the size of the 3 outlet thingies it comes with!
SIGNUM Cable outlet kit IKEA Easy to use to make an outlet for cables in a table top or a shelf.
 See? You can make your desk or table into something that can hold cords.

SIGNUM Cable management, horizontal IKEA Collects your electric and computer cables together; makes it easier to keep your work area tidy.
$10 Signum Cord manager
Here is another little device that can hold your cords and chargers under the table so they are out of the way.
KVISSLE Cable management box IKEA Charge your devices and hide the chargers and cords under the lid. 
$9.99 Kvissle Cable box
If your cables have to be out, at least they can be hidden stylishly inside this box

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  1. Love the cable management box. Definitely need that because the baby's favorite thing to play with is electrical cords. Eek!


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