Friday, January 11, 2013

Clearance shopping at

Remember that Nieman Marcus and Target collaboration collection?
It's now 70% off!
That's pretty exciting if you ask me, since the prices were over my "eh, nice but that isn't worth it" boundary before.

The Kirna Zabete stuff is on clearance too, as well as some cute home items.

My picks (I got some of these myself):

Robert Rodriguez Dress 
$29.99 Roberto Rodriguez dress (was $100)
A super cute and fun party dress. If I didn't have so many already, I'd consider getting this one.

Kirna Zabete® for Target® Fishnet Tights - Black
$5.24 Kirna Zabete fishnet tights (was $15)
I got these! I like the pattern and my patterned black tights just gave out on a business trip. Plus $5 for tights is as good as you are going to get pretty much anywhere.

Ivory Soft Knit Bunny Skull Cap
$5.28 Bunny hat (was $15)
Kind of weird that there are no eyes, but you could draw those on with a sharpie I guess. I didn't get this one because I have a tiny head and I think it looks too long for me, but if you have a normal size head, it would be cute.

Mossimo® Womens Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress - Assorted Colors 
$8.74 Mossimo kimono sleeve maxi dress (was $25)
I would be all over this one if they had it in my size in coral. Looks so easy to wear and comfortable.
If you don't already have a black maxi and you are size XS or S, get it.

Marc Jacobs Pouch Rose Gold 
$20.99 Marc Jacobs leather pouch (was $70)
These are available in rose gold (above), gold, or silver. I like all of them.
It's a pretty good deal for a clutch. It's 8 x 10" so big enough to use as a travel case or whatever too.
I didn't get this one because I have enough clutches, but I am very tempted!

Alice + Olivia Luggage 
$53.99 Alice and Olivia Wheeled carry on suitcase (was $180)
This is very cute and I almost got it. I have had a cheapo wheelie for 10 years now and it has served me very well but I am worried about what I'll do when it gives out. This would make a great substitute.
It has 2 pockets outside and 2 on the inside flap as well as the main compartment. The insides are bright blue and the lime green accents outside make it easy to find at a distance.

Diane von Furstenberg Yoga Mat 
$14.99 DVF yoga mat (was $50)
If you are in the market for a yoga mat, might as well make it designer. This is about the same price now as you would pay for any yoga mat at Loehmann's (where I got my plain teal boring one a few years ago).

Tory Burch Printed Beverage Container 
$7.49 Tory Burch printed thermos (was $25)
The blue pattern is really pretty. I don't go anywhere anymore, but if you commute and need a thermos for coffee or tea or soup, this would be great. I also think it would be a good gift.

Proenza Schouler iPad Sleeve
$12 Proenza Schuyler ipad sleeve (was $40)

This is on its way to me right now! It's a neoprene case that fits your ipad along with its cover or keyboard and will protect it from all the other crap in your bag. Plus it is a cool design.

Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses - Set of 4
$14.99 Altuzarra set of 4 double old fashioned glasses (was $50)


Altuzarra Shaker
$14.99 Altuzarra shaker (was $50)
These two together would make a super housewarming or wedding gift. The matching set is classy in a Mad Men era type way. And all of that for $30 makes a much bigger gift that it would seem for that price.

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