Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Housing Works buy the bag is now on all the time

Once or twice a year, Housing Works had a sale called "Buy the bag" in which you'd go to one of their warehouses, pay $25 for a bag, and then be allowed to stuff it with as much clothing as you possibly can to take home.

how to thrift shop

This always sounded fun (if a bit hectic and nutso) but I've never been before.

Now they have this as an ongoing thing in their South Brooklyn warehouse so you don't have to be trampled by a million deal hunters (hopefully).

The space has apparently been reorganized.
Check out the picture below and see the review from LookingFlyOnADime where these pics come from

Marc Jacobs, housing works

She has great advice on how to stuff your bag to maximize the space and get the most items in there:
Starting with your must have pile, take the bulkiest pieces {sweaters, coats, large purses, etc} and pack them first. Roll them as tightly as possible and place in your bag. With every layer of rolled clothes, push down on your bag so you have a tightly packed base. Now you can move on to less bulky items and repeat the roll and stuff process. For silk tops and dresses, belts and ties, stuff them in any remaining spaces.

Anyone want to go with me??

Housing Works 
Buy the Bag
159 28th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232

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