Friday, January 25, 2013

F21 sale shopping

When I visited this week, Forever21 was having a half-off already reduced sale prices, which was awesome!

I did my best not to buy too much, and I am proud of my restraint (though maybe I should have gotten that sparkle dress or that yellow top after all).

The tough thing about fast fashion is that I can't seem to find much of what I got on the website, but of course there are plenty of other good buys I do see.

Here are the things that caught my eye, on sale online now:

$15.96 Bow front sweater
 This has angora rabbit fur in it, so some people find it itchy.
But it is very pretty.

 $15.96 Stripe trim cardigan
Nautical and fresh looking. This would also be great with a red pencil skirt.

$17.36 White piped open blazer

More comfortable than a real suit jacket, but looks polished and clean.

$19.99 Quilted shaft boots

I like the caramel color of these, and the quilting adds a nice design without relying on hardware like buckles that can clash with an outfit or make it seem less fancy.
They are only left in size 9 and 10 so I am out of luck, otherwise I might try these.

$16.99 Circle sequin dress

I saw this one in person and kind of regret not getting it. The color is a nice nude blush that goes with lots of skin tones and the high neck makes the sequins un-slutty. The problem with the ones I saw in person was that the stitching on the shoulders was starting to fray. No surprise I guess that these aren't super well constructed.

$8.99 Piped button down

Pajama type tops had a short moment in the sun this year, and while I can't quite bring myself to wear them or recommend them, they are sometimes cute.
I saw these in person and the material was a crappy polyester so I didn't get it, even at half-off, but the colors were good.

$43.77 Spiked shoulder moto jacket

I am a big fan of pleather jackets, especially in cool rainy weather, and this one is awesome with the studs and spikes.

$2.99 Sparkling beads compact mirror

This is a cute little gift to have around in case you need one suddenly.
Who doesn't want a special mirror?

$1.99 Knit beret
This slouchy hat would be perfect for a sweater and jeans and bad hair day

$4.99 Bejeweled bug clip ons

Clip on earrings are great because you can use them on your ears (duh) or on your shoes or on the collar of your shirt or a belt for some extra pizzazz

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