Friday, November 30, 2012

Etsy finds of the day: Onesies from hmmSewCrafty

hmmSewCrafty sells baby-related crafts like onesies, pacifier clips, and leg warmers.

I like the onesies with ties on them the best.

Babies don't have jobs!! They don't go to court!! Why do they need ties?!?
Because it is cute. And sometimes a baby needs to look distinguished.
Are you really going to bring a baby WITHOUT a tie to a holiday party or wedding or graduation? RUDE

Remember, ties can be for boys or girls.

My picks:

Green Striped Tie Onesie
$7 Green striped tie onesie
This is a stylish, laid back look

Gray Argyle Tie Onesie
$7 Gray argyle tie onesie
This tie is business appropriate

Bright Orange Plaid Bow Tie Onesie
$7 Orange plaid bowtie onesie
A whole new level of cool with a bowtie

Christmas Gingerbread Tie Onesie
$7 Gingerbread tie onesie
Long sleeves for keeping warm at a holiday get together

Camo Skull/Cross bone Tie Onesie
$7 Camo skull tie onesie
This baby is hardcore and used to be a roadie probably

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