Friday, November 2, 2012

Looking for a cashmere crewneck sweater?

Check out this racked article about Everlane's new one and other comparable sweaters.
I think I like the shape of the J Crew or the Barney's sweater the best, but the Everlane and Uniqlo prices are much better.
Everlane sweater

I think you really have to feel the sweater though and see it in person before buying, so it would be hard to sell me on the internet-only Everlane one.

Sometimes a sweater seems great until you hold it up to the light and the weave is too loose and you can see through it.

Or you think it's cute folded up on the table in the store but then you try it on and it's totally boxy and blah.

Or the neck is cut to high or the sleeves are too long. Or the ribbing at the hems is too narrow or too wide.

Or the material isn't as soft as you wanted it to be.

Buying a t shirt or bag sight-unseen is a little easier, but for sweaters, I really want to feel them.

Would you buy a cashmere sweater without trying it?

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