Monday, November 26, 2012

Etsy Finds of the day: Pendants from Recyclops

Recyclops is an Etsy store featuring jewelry made from recycled eyeglass lenses.
I love the clever name and I think the idea is cute.

There are only a few pendants in the shop now, so I hope the seller makes more.

On the back, she pastes Japanese paper and then triple seals them to protect them.
Don't shower or swim with them though.

I always forget to take off jewelry but some people are good about remembering not to ruin things.

Here are some:
Eyeglass Lens Pendant--Bunny and Moon on Blue Background with Gold Metallic Hearts/Buds
$16 Rabbit and moon recycled eyeglass lens pendant

Recycled Eyeglass Lens Pendant (with Chain)--Goldfish on Light Blue Background
$16 goldfish recycled eyeglass lens pendant

Recycled Eyeglass Lens Pendant (with Chain)--Black and Pink Umbrellas on a Red Background
$16 Red umbrella recycled eyeglass lens pendant

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  1. this is awesome! I love those truly unique things that you can sometimes find on etsy. I've been on etsy before but I never know what to search to find their "cool" and interesting products. they seem hidden sometimes!


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