Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sale shoes from Target that I like

Remember, if you are buying things for me, I am a size 7.

Women's Merona® Zlota Rain Bootie - Assorted Color/Print
$10.49 Zlota rain booties (was $29.99)
These are my favorites!
Look how shiny and cute they are. With their two gold buttons. Most of the time I probably don't need the high rain boots I usually wear, and short boots get around the wide calf problem. Or for you maybe a narrow calf problem.

Women's Merona® Kamoni Wedge Bootie - Assorted Colors
$27.74 Kamoni wedge booties (was $34.99)
These have a nice stacked heel and looked pretty good in person when I saw them before. Get them in the suede and not the black or brown fake leather.

Womens Riding Rain Boot - Navy
$16.48 Navy rain boot (was $32.99)
Ok so some days it's really rainy and you DO need the high boot :)

Women's Merona® Karletta Boot - Assorted Colors
$28.97 Karletta boot (was $34.99)
I have a taller version of these lug boots that I like a lot and get a surprising amount of compliments for $35 target shoes.
These shorter ones would be a good addition to my collection.

Women's Mossimo® Kendal Platform Booties - Black
$10.49 Kendal platform bootie
Size 7.5 girls are in luck on this one. The scalloped overlays on the top of the foot make this a more interesting version of the basic black boot.

Women's Mossimo® Pollie Strappy Espadrille - Assorted Colors
$10.48 Pollie espadrille (was $29.99)
If you are a size 11, you should get these.
They get good reviews and are a total knockoff of the Maleena wedges from Coach, as I said before.

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