Monday, February 6, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things: United Nude Eamz boots

United Nude is one of my favorite brands. The shoes are designed by Rem D. Koolhaas, architect Rem Koolhaas' nephew and also a trained architect himself, and the architectural influences are clear in the designs.

Each shoe has something interesting about the design, usually in the heel structure.
They are well-made and beautiful and garner a lot of looks and compliments.

United Nude Eamz zip boot- was $549 is now $165
They are also on sale at that link on the website but only 20% off ($420). Much bigger discount in the store.

I recently wore my Eamz (like Eames, get it?) boots to a sales conference and literally every single person who I talked to commented on how cool or sexy or strange or dangerous they looked.
They are a great mid-calf height and have a cool diagonal zipper that is just for show, and another straight zipper in back that works.

(These aren't my legs, but don't they look cool on?)

There is a sale going on now which is where I got my boots at a hefty discount- Fall and Winter shoes are 70% off. They have a lot of sizes and a lot of options.

When I went, I needed black high heeled boots and got these, but I tried on a lot of other great shoes too. I might go back for some more! I am still thinking about the cross heel pump and the high block pump.

70% off Sale
United Nude
25 Bond Street
Sale goes through Feb.

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