Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wooden watches

E and I have been looking at watches a lot recently, and I decided that even though I really am not a fan of how they look on me in general, I might be willing to try wearing a wooden one.
They are so cool!

Check these out:

$70 Ronica men's watch
Leather strap, 32mm face
I like the grain on the face and the rounded edges of the dial.

$50 Quartz wood watch
Leather strap, 32.5 mm face
This has more contrast between the face and the dial wood colors, and looks a little more beat up.

$109 Tense sandalwood womens watch
Sandalwood, with leather strap, 26mm dial
The variation in the wood color on the dial and the lighter color wood on the face all work together well.

$109 Tense sandalwood mens watch
Wooden chain strap,
This looks clean and light and well-made.

45mm Tri
$75 Sioux City Tri watch
leather strap. 45mm dial
These watches were a successfully funded Kickstarter project that are now being produced and sold. They have a few designs but I like this one best, and I got myself one.

$85 Analog Watch Company carpenter
Speaking of Kickstarter, this one goes til November so you can still get in on the ground floor and get a watch for $85 instead of over $100.
They are made with a solid wood case and a veneer over leather strap, for an all-wood look. They are also biodegradable.

$279 Mistura Avanti
Crazy modern design and shape.

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