Monday, October 28, 2013

Men's watches like the Shinola Runwell, AKA bargaining down my husband

E fell in love with the Shinola Runwell watch with either a blue or green dial and a brown leather strap. The watch is classic, clean, round, and easy to read.
I like the look of the watch, too.
What I did not like was that it was $550 and does not look like an expensive watch to me. It is a nice watch, and a sturdy one, but not a dress watch or one that you could wear with a suit or to a fancy occasion.

I asked him if I could have a little time to try to find one he liked nearly as much but for much cheaper, and he said ok. I knew I was in for a challenge since he was so enamored of this watch, but I found a bunch that I thought captured some of the look but less than half of the price.

First, let's look at the one he really likes:

$550 Shinola Runwell with green dial and brown leather strap

One thing E did not love about this watch was the large diameter of the face, which he wished was smaller.

Here are some that I found that are a little smaller but still easy to read, round, and have a cool non-traditional dial. The main thing E wanted was to avoid having "a boring watch."

Fossil DE5000
$78 Fossil Men's watch DE5000
The bold numbers on this reminded me of the Runwell, but E didn't like the case shape.

Fossil ME3018
$129 Fossil men's watch ME3018
While I was looking at the former style, this one caught my eye because I thought it was cool with the exposed gears, and even though it was not what E had in mind, he liked it a lot too.

V03B WatchGreen Face w/ Green StrapVoid Watches
$185 V03B Watch with green face
The perfectly round dial and green color made me think of the Runwell, but E didn't like this color of green and said it was "too military."

Invicta I-Force Blue Dial Stainless Steel Black Leather Band Mens Watch 14786
$89 Invicta I-Force 14786

The shiny and brighter blue color of this appealed to E, but not as much as the original one he was looking at. Too boring still.

Invicta Lefty Force Chronograph Blue Dial Stainless Steel Mens Watch 1513
$99 Invicta Lefty 1513
I thought he might like the number style and steep bevel on this one better, and he did, but still no dice.

Hugo Boss Blue Dial Black Leather Mens Watch 1512790
$99 Hugo Boss Blue 1512790
Still on my blue kick, I found this which I thought looked more professional and still a fun color. "Just let me buy the one I liked."

$357 Victorinox 241290 Watch
Come on, this one is pretty damn close to the original, no?
"It's just as expensive as the one I like!"
-"No, it is $200 cheaper and that is a lot of money."

Timex® Women's Originals with Blue Classic Round Dial and Blue Denim Fabric Strap
$65 Timex Easy Reader
"Oh I like that one, how much is it?
Okay. But I wanted the leather strap. That strap is dumb.
-I can get you a leather strap on Amazon for $10. Here are 3 choices.

YAY, SAVED $490!!!
Thanks, timex.

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