Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Black pull-on ankle boots with low heels

I am in the market for a pair of short black ankle boots that I can just throw on and wear everywhere. And they are proving to be rather hard to find.

I had a pair of Target black ankle boots for about 2 years but they were looking really worn since the plastic/fake-o material was all scuffed at the toes and no amount of black sharpie or polish could bring them back so I gave them up.
I do have a nice pair of flat black ankle boots from Tibi, but they have both a zipper AND a snap, and really, who's got that kind of time?
Socks, pants, zipping, snapping... I'm tired already. I need a shoe that I can stick my foot out and they are magically on for the day, you know?

Here are some options I am looking at on Zappos:

$170 Ariat Wexford H2O
These are appealingly waterproof, and I love the Ariat brand for comfortable and durable boots (I know them from cowboy boots).
But the gusset (that is the elastic vent part) isn't really my style and these might be on the rugged side of what I am looking for. 

$298 Frye Lindsay gore
These are a little more refined than the Ariats, due to the flat sole and heel instead of lug sole, and the smooth leather. Fryes are also great and last a long time, though I did hear that now that they are made in China instead of the US, their quality has gone down.

$130 Shellys London Simonas
Somewhere in between the Ariat and Frye, I think, in terms of style and fanciness. This also has that elastic bit and a flat sole.

$398 Frye Smith harness short
These are the classic Frye harness boots in the short, 8" shaft length. These are definitely not the boots for all types of dresses and skirts, but could be great for jeans and rough wear. That's a lot of $$ for ankle boots though.

$104 Justin L9991
Similar in style to the Frye harness boots, these Justin ankle boots are a little higher in the shaft and a little clunkier in the heel. They get great reviews for comfort though, and are 1/3 the price.

$120 Report Roland
I like the little gold pyramid stud on these, and I think it makes them more dressy than any of the others so far. But I worry that they are not well-made since the Report band isn't known for its fine leather.

$315 Wolverine Bonny pull-on boot
I like the stacked contrast color heel on these, and the almond toe. These are definitely more city and fashion boots than the lower, flatter ones I've been looking at. I like that they are full grain leather, too.

$98 Seychelles Knock at the door
A change of pace with the woven leather upper, but I like the look of these too. Kind of unexpected to have that ventilation. They seem to run a half size small from looking at the reviews.

$48 Melissa Protection
These are rubber boots by the brand Melissa whose shoes I find very comfortable. It's a different style, more cowboy and rain-boot than the others.

Which do you like best and think is the best purchase?

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