Thursday, October 31, 2013

Which Revlon Lip Butters DO and Don't Have Shimmer

I like the Revlon colorburst lip butters that I bought, but I vastly prefer the texture and look of the one that does not have shimmer.

I've done some research to keep from buying the wrong shade in the future and thought it might help you too:

No Shimmer BUY:
-Sugar Plum (neutral darker pink)
-Sweet Tart (medium pink)
-Candy Apple (sheer bright red)
-Creamsicle (sheer orange)
-Fig jam (warm brown)
-Wild Watermelon (hot pink)
-Tutti Frutti (sheer coral)
-Sorbet (orangey red pink)
-Pink Truffle (brownish pink)
-Juicy Papaya (orangey pink)

No Shimmer not for me (DON'T BUY unless looking for lipstick):
-Raspberry Pie (magenta)
-Red Velvet (rich red)
-Strawberry Shortcake (barbie light pink)
-pPink Lemonade (light milky pink)

Shimmer (DON'T BUY):
-Sugar Frosting
-Creme Brulee
-Cotton Candy
-Peach Parfait
-Berry Smoothie
-Gumdrop (lilac)

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