Monday, October 7, 2013

Pour La Victoire Malorie Boot

I saw these boots in Beacon's Closet over the weekend and I was really tempted to buy them.
When I looked at them I could tell that they were leather and had nice leather soles, but I couldn't tell what size they were or who made them because the sole had been worn down already.

But I tried them on, they fit really well and were very soft.
They are the pull on style I like a lot, and fit over my wide calves.

I walked out without them and came home to find them online.
They are the Pour La Victoire Malorie over the knee boot, all leather, made in Brazil.
Originally, they were at Nordstrom for $390.
I saw them at Beacon's used for $65.

Now, $65 is more than I like to pay for used shoes. But I am still thinking about them and I wonder if they are still there at the store. I might have to go back for them.

What do you think?

$390 Pour La Victoire Malorie boot in tan
Sold out

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  1. I say go back but don't get your hopes up that they're still there.


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