Monday, September 9, 2013

Roku channels for me for free

I'm getting more used to our Roku, which I've liked a lot so far.
As I feel more comfortable with it, I am branching out into the wide world of "channels."

You can watch netflix, amazon, hbogo, and other things from your Roku box, but there is a whole other universe of private and public channels that have a ton of other content.

So far, I've installed:

There are tons of others, as well.

Here are some resources for finding channels:
2013 Roku Private Channel Guide (alphabetical listing of tons)
Private channels sorted by rating (lets you click to install as well)
Roku Channels (official guide, you can sort by subject)
Top 30 Roku channels

There are really channels out there for everyone. There are 4 hunting channels, for example. Channels, not just shows.
There are a lot of yoga channels and sci fi and horror movie channels.
There are some cooking channels.
There is even a private channel that only shows baristas in bikinis. Nope, didn't sign up for that one but thanks.

I still haven't set up my SimpleTV because I just ordered a hard drive for it to load to, and because I am not sure how to connect it to the ethernet here without a wired MAC address. Sigh.
 It's getting harder to "just watch tv" these days.

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