Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Glass terrariums in crystal shapes from Score + Solder

Score + Solder is a cute online shop from Canadian crafter Matthew Cleland.
He creates glass sculptures, lamps, planters, and terrariums (terraria for those latin scholars out there).

I like the terrariums best, but you can check out all his work and see what you like.

In high school, I used to work with stained glass and I can see that these are made well and soldered well. If only I'd stuck with it and could make my own versions of these today! It's hard to devote a space in a NYC apartment to crafts and glass shards.

My picks:
Image of Small Quartz
$140 Small Quartz Terrarium
This really does look like a quartz crystal in shape

Image of Quartz No.2
$340 Quartz #2 Terrarium

This has more room for plants and a wider base

Image of Hanging Crystal Point
$210 Hanging Crystal Point Terrarium
This one has a more regular shape and a little stone suspended from the top to hang out with your plants (get it?)

Image of Large Cube
$130 Large cube planter
The planters have one open side so you can access and water things more easily.
This is a very simple modern design.

Image of Suspended Tetra
$230 Suspended Tetra Planter

This is so much more elegant than the hanging plastic baskets from home depot (which I have one of now).

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