Friday, September 13, 2013

3 nice bags from LL Bean

I think of LL Bean as the reliable but kind of fugly place where I would get fleeces in jr high.
But recently I went on their website and found that they now have some good looking and durable bags that I would be interested in buying if I ever needed another bag (hint, I don't for a long long time). 

Also, they still have those boxy sweaters and fleeces if you want your body shape to me more "refrigeratorish."

Let's take a look at this Triple-Needle line that I like:

$159 Triple Needle Messenger bag
"Timeless styling and supple, full-grain leather bottom and trim mean its good looks will hold up over the years as well. Lined with butter-soft chambray cotton in a classic stripe pattern. Antiqued-brass hardware and leather zipper pulls. 13½"H x 17"W x 6½"D. Imported."

The leather straps and metal buckles aren't just for show on these bags, they actually hold things together and make the bag stronger.

$179 Triple Needle Tote bag
13½"H x 17"W x 7"D
 Same fabrication as the messenger bag, but this one has top handles and a zipper that closes all the way. It's a little deeper too.
The pockets inside make this bag great for me. I hate totes that just are endless pits of crap where you can never find anything. Having the computer pocket and a few others is nice. Also the fact that when it falls over it won't spill all the contents out on the sidewalk because of the zip closure.

$129 Triple Needle Shoulder bag
14½"H x 11½"W x 2½"D
This is the smallest of the 3 and the one that I would be least likely to buy or wear. It's a little too masculine and utilitarian for me to wear in this way, and I would rather wear a purse for something this size. But if you are not a purse person, then this might be a good unisex carry all bag.

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