Friday, September 6, 2013

A product help you decorate your ikea furniture

Panyl is a brand that makes decorative sheets of plastic and other stuff that you can stick on your boring Ikea furniture and make it a little more special. 

Maybe people won't even recognize it as the same as their bed stand anymore! 

Of course the best way to customize something is to do it yourself from scratch, but that can take time and have less than professional looking results. So there are products like these to help you make over your white veneer crap.

They have solid colors, polka dots, wood grain, chevrons, and stripes.
My picks:


$28+ each panel in dark gray for Billy bookcase

$7+ each panel in aqua diagonal stripe for Expedit bookcase

$8+ each panel in ebony woodgrain for Malm dresser

$45+ each panel in brushed aluminum quatrefoil for Billy bookcase

Check out their hack to imitate the West Elm dresser:


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