Friday, November 30, 2012

Etsy finds of the day: Onesies from hmmSewCrafty

hmmSewCrafty sells baby-related crafts like onesies, pacifier clips, and leg warmers.

I like the onesies with ties on them the best.

Babies don't have jobs!! They don't go to court!! Why do they need ties?!?
Because it is cute. And sometimes a baby needs to look distinguished.
Are you really going to bring a baby WITHOUT a tie to a holiday party or wedding or graduation? RUDE

Remember, ties can be for boys or girls.

My picks:

Green Striped Tie Onesie
$7 Green striped tie onesie
This is a stylish, laid back look

Gray Argyle Tie Onesie
$7 Gray argyle tie onesie
This tie is business appropriate

Bright Orange Plaid Bow Tie Onesie
$7 Orange plaid bowtie onesie
A whole new level of cool with a bowtie

Christmas Gingerbread Tie Onesie
$7 Gingerbread tie onesie
Long sleeves for keeping warm at a holiday get together

Camo Skull/Cross bone Tie Onesie
$7 Camo skull tie onesie
This baby is hardcore and used to be a roadie probably

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sale shoes from Target that I like

Remember, if you are buying things for me, I am a size 7.

Women's Merona® Zlota Rain Bootie - Assorted Color/Print
$10.49 Zlota rain booties (was $29.99)
These are my favorites!
Look how shiny and cute they are. With their two gold buttons. Most of the time I probably don't need the high rain boots I usually wear, and short boots get around the wide calf problem. Or for you maybe a narrow calf problem.

Women's Merona® Kamoni Wedge Bootie - Assorted Colors
$27.74 Kamoni wedge booties (was $34.99)
These have a nice stacked heel and looked pretty good in person when I saw them before. Get them in the suede and not the black or brown fake leather.

Womens Riding Rain Boot - Navy
$16.48 Navy rain boot (was $32.99)
Ok so some days it's really rainy and you DO need the high boot :)

Women's Merona® Karletta Boot - Assorted Colors
$28.97 Karletta boot (was $34.99)
I have a taller version of these lug boots that I like a lot and get a surprising amount of compliments for $35 target shoes.
These shorter ones would be a good addition to my collection.

Women's Mossimo® Kendal Platform Booties - Black
$10.49 Kendal platform bootie
Size 7.5 girls are in luck on this one. The scalloped overlays on the top of the foot make this a more interesting version of the basic black boot.

Women's Mossimo® Pollie Strappy Espadrille - Assorted Colors
$10.48 Pollie espadrille (was $29.99)
If you are a size 11, you should get these.
They get good reviews and are a total knockoff of the Maleena wedges from Coach, as I said before.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Word to the Wise: Miha sample sale Today-Fri in NYC

Miha is having a sample sale at their showroom again, where you can expect to find dresses, fun sparkly tops, and cool angular leather jackets (if this sale is like their last)

From the email they sent me:
This year we have invited our friend's at S2 showroom to join us in order to have even more merchandise! S2 represents lines such as Alexandra Moosally, Jules Reid, Nimo, Pink Chicken, among others. There will be lots of great stuff and I have some fabulous leather skinny jeans in a number of sizes. Feel free to pass this invite on to friends and we hope to see you there!

Here is the info:

330 West 38th st
suite 1202
btwn 8th and 9th avenue
Wednesday 12/5-Friday 12/7 from 10AM-6:30PM

Some Miha gear that might or might not be at the sale:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shopping for flights? 10 tips for booking plane tickets online

I just learned a bunch of useful information from this Hairpin thread and I thought I'd share with you.

It might not all be accurate, because hey, these are just people on the internet, but if these tips do save me (or you) a few bucks somehow, it's worth a try.
Some of them sound like conspiracy theories, but honestly the technology for most of these things is out there, they are not impossible. The question is if anyone is actually doing them...

Tips from the thread:
1. Book from a pc instead of a mac for lower fares on Orbitz
2. Clear your cookies and your browser history before checking out fares again so they don't "remember" you and your search and charge you more the next time
3. Buying on a Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever day you have heard doesn't work.
4. It's possible that the more people search for a particular flight, the more the airlines jack up the price, so don't search too many times if you can help it.
5. Airlines might also track you by browser and give you prices based on how rich they think you are (avoid Safari I guess?)
6. Someday in the near future airlines might use your IP address to screw you by zipcode, so if you live in a rich neighborhood you see different prices than people in a poor area.
7. If you buy on Southwest airlines, keep watching to see if prices drop after you purchase, and then cancel your flight and rebook (you get to keep the leftover credits)
8. Book directly with an airline instead of on Orbitz or an aggregator for better treatment/upgrades etc. Usually prices will be the same
9. It might be true that fares online change every 15 minutes, so you maybe should ignore tip #4 and search again? After clearing your history, of course.
10. Mostly fares get more expensive as the flight date approaches so book now and don't hold out hope that it will magically get cheaper (though rarely it will)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cybermonday sale at Butter London

I want to try these polishes!
If anyone wants to buy me some, Butter London has a bunch of their polishes on sale for $10 (usually $14) and free shipping.

My picks:

butter LONDON - Mauve Nail Polish – Scoundrel

butter LONDON - Lilac Glitter Nail Polish - No More Waity, Katie
No More Waity Katie

butter LONDON - Dark Purple Nail Polish – Marrow

butter LONDON - Cobalt Blue Nail Polish – Blagger

butter LONDON - Metallic Navy Blue Nail Polish – Big Smoke
Big Smoke

butter LONDON - Green-Blue Glitter Nail Polish – Henley Regatta
Henley Regatta

Want to get me 1 or 5?

Etsy Finds of the day: Pendants from Recyclops

Recyclops is an Etsy store featuring jewelry made from recycled eyeglass lenses.
I love the clever name and I think the idea is cute.

There are only a few pendants in the shop now, so I hope the seller makes more.

On the back, she pastes Japanese paper and then triple seals them to protect them.
Don't shower or swim with them though.

I always forget to take off jewelry but some people are good about remembering not to ruin things.

Here are some:
Eyeglass Lens Pendant--Bunny and Moon on Blue Background with Gold Metallic Hearts/Buds
$16 Rabbit and moon recycled eyeglass lens pendant

Recycled Eyeglass Lens Pendant (with Chain)--Goldfish on Light Blue Background
$16 goldfish recycled eyeglass lens pendant

Recycled Eyeglass Lens Pendant (with Chain)--Black and Pink Umbrellas on a Red Background
$16 Red umbrella recycled eyeglass lens pendant

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bags from Makr

Makr is a design collective that features simple but durable bags, hooks, and furniture, along with some small leather goods.

You can see their products in person in their store-in-store at Scout, if you are inSeattle.

I really like the look of the bags, especially the ones below, which I think are timeless and functional.

$196 Black canvas farm messenger
The proportions of this bag are generous and roomy, and the leather straps act as decorative accents and also hard-wearing closures

$130 Farm satchel in brown
This is a prototypical messenger bag or satchel. It could be worn by a tween girl or an old man or anyone in between.

$320 Zip carry-all
I love the brown handles and bottom on this otherwise white tote. The options of carrying across your body, on your side, or with the handles are really useful depending on what you shove in the bag that day. This could be a great carry-on bag for travel.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Area rug for Annie

My needy friend Annie has another request.
This time it is for an area rug, 4x6', under $150, and not ugly.
I don't know why she always feels the need to stipulate the not ugly part.

the only answer to the question of what rug Annie should get is ZEBRA!!!!

Real cow that looks like zebra?
$120 Cow Hide rug (current auction price)
I recently stayed at a place that had a cow hide rug and it was surprisingly nice to walk on.
CRAFT IDEA- use white out pens and sharpies to add more stripes and make this a real zebra.

Fake but in the shape of a zebra?

$117 Alexa zebra rug
It's wool! that means no sad creepy eye holes.

Zebra stripes but rectangular?
Alliyah Handmade Safari Zebra Black New Zealand Blend Wool Rug (4' x 6')
$127.49 Alliyah zebra print rug
Love it!

I won't even get into the non-black and white zebras that Annie could get, but that rectangular one also comes in a nice tan and white that is a little more subtle.

"Ok Rebecca, enough zebras. What if I like black and white and patterns, but I am sick of your zebra obsession"  WHAT? Fine.

$46.49 Alexa chevron rug
Whoaaa the way this looks on my monitor it is making me dizzy. Dizzy zig zags, what everyone should have in their house.
This is made from a synthetic and wool blend which means that it won't last as long as the pure wool more expensive ones, but hey, chevrons will be out in 5 years when you want to get rid of this one anyway.

$72.99 Hand Hooked Moroccan trellis rug
A coffee table in the middle of this would be nice.

Moroccan Dhurrie Black/ Ivory Wool Rug (4' x 6')
$98.99 Moroccan Dhurrie rug
Similar to the one above but with a different lozenge shape pattern

Moroccan Chocolate/ Ivory Dhurrie Wool Rug (4' x 6')
$100.99 Moroccan Dhurrie rug
Another cool pattern, this time in chocolate and ivory.

Handmade Metro Grey Geometric Wool Rug (4' x 6')
$112.99 Metro Geometric rug
Bubbles! sort of. This asymmetrical pattern is driving my brain crazy looking at it.
Do you have that? I want the left and right to be mirror images!
You could get this rug and have me over and not be worried about making conversation since I would be figuring out how to fix the rug pattern the whole time.

OK lets move into some other colors... like GRAY and BEIGE! Don't let the party stop.

$40.99 Woven BB floor mat
This is waterproof and made from recycled plastic, so you can hose it off if you want, or put it outside

Handmade South Hampton Southwest Grey Rug (4' x 6')
$93.99 Southhampton gray rug
This one is polyester, not sure how that does as a rug material

Hand-knotted Mirage Grey Wool and Viscose Rug (4' x 6')
$153.09 Mirage wool rug
I like this pattern a lot and it looks fluffy to walk on

Hand-woven Ultimate Cream/ Beige Shag Rug (4' x 6')
$94.99 Cream and beige shag rug
This design is a little less geometric than the others and more damask.
It's made of polypropylene. What is that?

Hand-woven Ultimate Cream/ Smoke Shag Rug (4' x 6')
$82.99 Cream brown and beige shag rug
This kind of looks like an Orla Kiely pattern. Also kind of like vaginas.

Handmade Flame Inspiration Hushed Violet Wool Rug (4' x 6')
$100.99 Flame inspiration rug
The last time I had a "flame inspiration," I almost burned our coffee table down.
It's enough of a print to be interesting but it is not totally predictable or too out there.

$75.99 woven sisal rug
Just testing the waters here with a red pattern, I think it is nice.

Now let's pretend for a minute that Annie is the type of woman who could appreciate the delicate beauty of a well-crafted floral pattern or the fun of adding color to one's home (protip: she's not that kinda girl).
She might go for one of these:

Handmade Luna New Zealand Wool Rug (4' x 6')
$148.99 Handmade Luna rug
Wool from New Zealand! Still all gray for those who recoil from color. COUGH.

Hand-tufted Blue Cesky Wool Rug (4' x 6')
$143.99 Blue Cesky wool rug
Ok, just adding a little blueish gray and just a few more floral items, don't get scared.

Hand-tufted Josie Ivory Wool Rug (4' x 6')
$131.99 Josie floral rug
Watch yourself with those colors! I think this is pretty but Annie might hate it.
Depends on the color of your couch (please don't say it is floral) and the vibe of the room.

Eastern Colors Brown Hand-tufted Wool Rug (4' x 6')
$94.99 Eastern colors wool rug
I also like this one, it is floral but graphic and simple.

Hand-tufted Desertland Multi-color Wool Rug (4' x 6')
$146.69 Desert land multicolor wool rug
This abstract swish one is kind of neat

$139.99 Handmade ikat rug
Ok this one is just for me, but I like the alternating bands of design and the colors.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Word to the Wise: THEORY at Housing Works for $25

Big tip here:

The Housing Works thrift store in Chelsea has gotten a bunch of Theory merch (with tags still on!) and you can get tops for $25, coats for $50, and skirts and pants for $20.

When I went, the sales lady rung up my blazer as a top, so that was CRAZY. The tag on the blazer said $415, and I got it for $25. Nuts, right?

You should all go right now and get your holiday shopping done.
Plus you can feel really good about it because all of the money goes to charity. DOUBLE PRESENT!

What's there?
-men's pants
-men's pea coats
-women's pea coats
-women's skirts mostly size 4
-women's tees and undershirts
-women's blazers mostly size 4, 2
-women's suit pants mostly size 2-8

Also there were some new Marc by Marc Jacobs pajama top style blouses for $40, and some new Black Halo dresses going for $125ish.
I saw some new DVF shoes, too, but I think they were over $200 still so I didn't look too closely.

Where exactly?

Chelsea Housing Works Thrift Shop
143 West 17th St., New York, NY 10011 (between 6 and 7th Aves)
Mon-Fri: 10 AM-7 PM, Sat: 10 AM-6 PM, Sun: 12 PM-5 PM
Phone: 718-838-5050

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