Monday, August 19, 2013

Where I went on my honeymoon

I had such a great time in the Greek Islands, and it was in large part because of the awesome hotels we stayed at.

We spent 3 nights each on Santorini, Folegandros, and Naxos, and then one night in Athens.

BTW, everyone is SO nice when you tell them you are on your honeymoon. On the flight there, Delta gave us some champagne. When we arrived at the Katikies hotel in Santorini, they informed us that we were being upgraded to the honeymoon suite! It was crazy nice and totally unexpected. It was especially great because the hotel (even with a deal online) was pushing our budget limits already, and then we got the best room there that we never could have afforded otherwise.

The Katikies Hotel is on the northern tip of Santorini in a white cliffside village called Oia (pronounced EEEyah).

You know when you see pictures of a hotel online and they look prettier and cleaner than when you actually get there? Not this time, it actually looks even better in person.

We stayed in the main hotel (they have other properties and villas too), which had 2 pools and cascaded down the side of the cliff. One pool was a grotto style white cave, and the other was the infinity pool you see in the pic above.
But we had our own private pool, being in the honeymoon suite and all.

We didn't get poolside massages like in this picture, but we did get breakfast on that patio every morning, which was a great way to start the day.

Here is a picture of the  room itself. Everything is bright white and calm.
Our room was the farthest down the cliff which meant we had privacy but also meant we had to climb a ton of steps when we wanted to go anywhere. Since we are both the type of people who like to see things and explore, we got a workout.

Our hotel on Naxos, Finikas, was also exceptional. 
This was the one hotel I booked without consulting E because it just looked so great and I'd tried to book it before but it had been sold out. Then all of a sudden it was back on with a cheap promo rate for the nights we wanted to go, and I jumped on it.

What you see in that picture is the view of the pool from behind a 600 year old cypress tree that has a flowered vine growing in it. It's really pretty. Also you can see the native palm trees that they are very proud of which grow naturally only on 2 parts of the island.

The Finikas hotel is also new but is not modern in style like the others we stayed at. The rooms were comfortable but the purple stripe theme we had wasn't quite my taste.

The food was great at this hotel, though, as was the staff. And it was just so pretty and peaceful. Sitting by the pool and looking over at the beach and ocean was very appealing.
This hotel was probably the most isolated of the ones we stayed at, which we liked. Instead of being in the main port town of Hora, this is about 20 min south, and past a park of protected cypress trees and down a dirt road. The beaches around it are pleasantly uncrowded, if a little windy.

If you are going to the Greek Islands, I truly believe these are the best places to stay after having researched others and staying there.

And that's (some of) what I did on my summer vacation!

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