Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I got at the Hatch sample sale

Last week I went to the Hatch sample sale. Let me start by saying that although it is a maternity brand, I'M NOT PREGNANT!
I just really like their flowy silk dresses and wanted to check them out.

Anyway, Hatch had a sample sale in Soho with deals of up to 80% off, and I went the first day.
Even though I got there right after it started, there were already several women who beat me to it and had armfuls of dresses. It wasn't frantic or anything, but I was impressed at the dedication of these pregnant ladies who booked it over to the sale.

There were true samples for $40-$80 and damaged items for $25. Then there were great deals on the stock dresses and jumpers, which were about $75, (down from $329).

I had done my research online first and had an eye out for the Airplane dress and the Soiree dress because I think both of them are so versatile and elegant.
It was hard to tell the materials that the samples were made out of, since they didn't have tags. I wanted the silk dresses instead of the polyester ones, and eventually I figured out what was what.
There were 2 racks of samples and then 3 or 4 of the stock dresses. I was determined to get the best deal, so I focused on the samples, and it paid off!
I ended up with the soiree dress in black silk, the airplane dress in black silk, another shift shirt dress in mint green silk, and a long open cardigan in navy cashmere (with a small hole in the armpit that I plan to sew) for $40 each!

I tried on and liked both the stock versions of the sweatshirt dress and the tank dress, but I decided that for $75 each I didn't need them. Even though that is so marked down from what they usually are.

Luckily for those who missed the sale, they have things on sale online now too (not at sample prices, but still).
Here are my picks from the website:

The Soiree Dress Sale
$174 Soiree dress in black silk (was $348)
Still so happy I got this for $40!

The Dinner Party Dress Sale
$169 Dinner party dress in red silk (was $338)
I don't think I saw this at the sale but it is so pretty.

The Shirt Dress Short Sale
$124 Shirt dress short in charcoal crepe jersey (was $248)
This is a little more maternity-only so I didn't try it on, but one woman was wearing it and it looked great on her.

The things that I tried on that I didn't like and looked like a blob in were:
The button down dress
The kaftan
The Slouch dress
The button down shirt
More power to you if you can pull those off!

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