Monday, August 26, 2013

Bohemian themed decor from Zulily

On Zulily right now, there are a lot of cute home accents with pretty designs.
They would be great to brighten up an otherwise solid colored and neutral room, and make it feel much more special.

If you do decide to sign up for zulily, please use my link! If and when you eventually buy something, I get a credit when you sign up through me.

My picks:

$40 Melamine dinner plate set (was $60)
Unbreakable and decorative, sounds great! Yellow is a great cheerful color especially when used outdoors, and these plates would be great patio dining plates for when you don't want to risk breaking glass on your porch.

$30 Melamine salad plate set (was $40)
Picture this on top of the plates above for a really colorful setting. I like the solid background of this size. Unfortunately I am the queen of salad and dessert plates already so I can't buy any more.

$44 Hand painted low table (was $90)
I like this design, it reminds me of a tray that E and I bought on our trip to Mexico city.
It would be a good table to use while eating on the floor, or as a foot rest. Or a kid's level table.

$25 Peacock chip and dip plate (was $35)
What can I say, I am sometimes a sucker for matching things and flat flat plates.

$30 Dena Marrakesh serving platter set (was $45)
These skinny rectangular plates would be good for serving bread or crudites.

$30 Ikat melamine serving bowl (was $44)
It's 11.5" x 4.5" and would be really pretty as a fruit bowl or salad bowl.

$18 Patterned cheese serving set (was $30)
Cheese plates can be boring, but these patterns that extend to the handles of the knives are fun.

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