Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The best hot sauce is Yellowbird from Austin, TX

Recently, I was down in Texas for SXSW Edu (no, not the fun music one), and I had the chance to eat many many breakfast tacos.

The little gourmet grocery store near the downtown convention center, called Royal Blue, was excellent and had the coconut water I love and also migas breakfast tacos all wrapped in foil and ready to go.
They also had a hot sauce bar where you could add things before you left, and that is where I discovered Yellowbird.

The sauce is made of habaneros, so it is definitely spicy, but it has a great fruity flavor and a thick texture like Sriracha. I loved it!
They sold it at Royal Blue for $10 but I didn't want to have to check a bag on the way home so I passed.

My last morning there, I knew it would be a while until I got the hot sauce again so I really loaded up my taco. I wrapped it back up and took it to my first session, where I sat in back and bit in.
Holy crap, I almost died. Turns out, you can't really make up for lost time by having all your hot sauce at once.

Despite that, I still loved it and when I got home I ordered some online.
The shipping costs more than the bottle of hot sauce itself, which makes me a little crazy, but it is worth it.

$8 Yellowbird Sauce

One of the best things about it is the squeeze bottle, but on their website it says they are moving to a glass bottle next month for preservation purposes. So get one now!

I was thinking of ordering a whole case now so I could have a lot of squeeze bottles, but E reminded me that I wouldn't be able to go through them very quickly and by that time the perishability which necessitates them moving to the glass might come into play.

Here are the ingredients, and why it has so much flavor:
• Carrots
• Onions
• Habanero Peppers
• Distilled Vinegar
• Tangerines
• Limes
• Garlic
• Kosher Salt
• Organic Evaporated Cane Juice (also known as organic sugar)

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