Friday, December 23, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Wood 4

I love wood and I love Etsy, which is why I keep coming back to this topic. For previous episodes, please see Etsy Wood 1Etsy Wood 2, and Etsy Wood 3.

$1,500 Raw edge headboard
Made to order, you can get cherry, ebony, walnut. The top and bottom of the cross beam are left in their natural state so you can see the original shape of the tree. I bet my Dad wants this.

$35 Birch bark brooch
The ribbon is supposed to be lichen I guess? I wish she left it off.

$40 Willow candle holders (8)
Super cute, and they come with tealights in them. Then when those burn out, you can sub in your own tealight.

Great Online Store: Generate

Generate is a shop that features lighting, home decor, accessories, and toys. They are kind of like in that you can vote on products and have a say in what gets produced. See here for more.

Here are my picks:
$79 Still life bowl
So clever- a frame for your fruit that lets you create an instant masterpiece of nature.

$24 Wind Rider bike clips
You use these to hold in your pants cuffs so they don't get caught in the pedals or gears when you ride your bike. 

$49 Optical glass set
The glasses are deformed so they are easy to grip and also so they make pretty bent light patterns.

$99 Park Planters
These really deserve a post of their own because they are so awesome.
They are pots that come with removable tops that depict scenes that might happen in a park and turn your plant into a tree.
They look sweet from afar, but up close you realize that your park is not a very tame place to be.
Choose from :
Lost Salesman
Gay Couple

Gift tags to print out

Click here for cute gift tags with birds on them created by Geninne. 
They aren't too Christmas-y.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Great quick gift under the wire

$7 Teen Vogue gift set
Ok so for $7 you get lip gloss, mascara, and body spray, but the real bonus is that you also get a 1 yr subscription to Allure or Teen Vogue or a few other magazines.

You should go buy this for your niece, or for yourself.
I love getting magazine subscriptions, because then you get the gift all year.
Not that I need any more magazines. The ones I get just pile up now.

Etsy Finds of the Day: things that look like rocks

This one doesn't come with a pillow in it, and you have to get your own stuffing to fill it. WTF?

You get 2 and you can choose your color and fragrance


Express 40% off sale today

Still looking for that perfect new year's dress for under $100?
Express is discounting a bunch of stuff today and a lot of it is sparkly and I want it.

flattering neckline

versatile and more subtle

long sleeves so you don't freeze

I want these so bad but I am traumatized from my last Express shoe experience when I bought gold fabric peep toe wedges (higher than these) that tore my heels apart and bloodied my ankles. I might try these on in person and then if they seem totally different from the ones this summer, get them. They are 3" so they are a good height for me, one that I can walk around in for a while, and I like the almond shaped toe.

This would be perfect to wear out in the cold on New Year's with a little black dress and patterned tights.

Cool lamp

$27 Architect's Notebook lamp

Looks like something out of a sci-fi film, right?

The globe snaps on and off and you can use a regular lightbulb inside.
Sleek, yeah? And cheap!
I hate how expensive interesting lamps usually are.
This one is a good price, but I am not sure it would be enough to light up a whole room because it only takes up to 40 watt bulbs. It would be good for a corner or a desk or the nighttable though.
Also, Walmart... Who knew?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sweater ballet flats

I have 2 pairs of ballet flats that I can travel with- one folds in half and the other rolls into a sac. They've both been so useful!

They also make good gifts.
Today you can get these for $20 with a Lucky code.

$20 City slips sweater ballet flats

Go to that link and when you check out, use code "luckydaily3" to get the discount

Etsy Finds of the Day: more last-minute gifts

Too bad this ring is adjustable, it would have been so classy otherwise.

Cute things on super sale at Anthropologie

Now, sale items are an extra 50% off at Anthro, and it is time to grab stuff while it is a little affordable!

$40 (originally $148) Towering tassel mules
I like the pink color and the architectural wedge heel with a little space right in the middle.

$45 (originally$178) Gathered Lace dress
This dress would be good all year with different hosiery and cardigans.

$25 (originally $79)Bellvue sweater skirt
Looks cozy

$25 (originally $88) Tarpan button down shirt with mice
It has cheese embroidered on the cuffs, too!

$50 (Originally $198) Bloomsbury blazer
Cropped sleeves are great on a blazer and make your arms look good.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Word to the Wise: Cashmere Sample sale tonight

Here's the info!
Margaret Loves cordially invites you to join us for our Holiday Festivities and Winter Sample Sale
Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served

Monday, December 19th, 2011
6 - 9 PM

212 East 47th Street - 2nd Floor
between 2nd and 3rd Avenue

Great Online Store: Huset

Huset is an online mecca for Scandinavian design. It means"house" in Swedish and has home goods, jewelry, bags, and clothes with a sleek and clean aesthetic.
The prices really vary from a few bucks to thousands depending on what you are interested in.
They feature a bunch of contemporary Scandinavian designers and you can look at products by category or by designer.

My picks:

 $260 Krone Hanssen Foam stump stool
These are foam poofs that have a removable and washable cover so you can spill on them and not ruin them.
The birch is $260 and the wider shorter tree is $350.
Why would you want these instead of a log you could get for like $20? Well, I am not sure.
I'm guessing they are more comfortable, they are washable, they won't lead to any infestations of bugs still trapped in the bark, and they are lighter to move. Sold!

$65 each Gustavsberg canister
I love the patterns on these cork-topped porcelain canisters.
I think they would make good wedding gifts.

$96 Brita Sweden Anna patterned plastic rug
These plastic rugs are made from pvc and come in cool geometric prints.

$40 Hau Hauz Salsa bag
The long green clutch in the oversized print is quaint and feminine.

$2,500 Myrica Sir Elton electric headboard
The scrolls of lucite on this headboard are illuminated with a built-in light that comes out the edges of the frame and makes the bed glow. Looks magic!

$150 Muuto Closely Separated vase
Abstract shapes of cups and bowls form one big ceramic mixed up vase.

Etsy Finds of the Day

$1,201 Navajo Churro "felt pelt" rug
This rug looks like a sheepskin, but is actually just cleverly made from wool shorn from a live sheep. No sheep get killed, yay! Plus it is fluffy.

$5 Set of 6 tiny books
I love miniature books. You could put these on a necklace, or just line them up in the corner of your apartment and pretend they are a mouse bookshelf.

$295 Piano Accordion
I just like the look of this, even though it does work and someone could play it. Wouldn't it be cool in your house?

Small gifts for kids

Have a lot of cousins? Nieces and nephews? Kids you work with? Friends' kids?
If so, you probably want to get them something fun that they and their parents will like, but that won't break the bank.
Parents can be picky about presents that their kids can get- most don't like noisy toys. Some don't like "gendered" pink or blue or princessy toys. Some want toys that are simple and let the children experiment instead of having kits and a previously-defined end result. Some only want organic, natural, made locally, educational toys and on and on.

Here are some good options that should be acceptable to most parents:

$9.99 Set of 5 patterned stick-on ties
Adhesive reusable ties that you can put on any shirt (or wall or suitcase or stuffed animal) that come off without leaving residue.

$17.99 Construction utensils
How many toddlers don't love trucks? Plus, this makes them want to eat. You can buy the plate for another $15, but I think the utensils are more special.

$9.99 Fingerprint art set
Is it bad that I want this for myself?
This is a brilliant idea You get nontoxic ink pads, stamps, pencils and then you take advantage of what every kid wants to do anyway (stick their fingers in the ink) and then transform fingerprints into bug shapes.

$9.99 Stacking duck bath toys
Kids can use these to pour water and play with, and they are clean and modern.

$19 Wooden number blocks
These have numbers on one side and corresponding dots on the other side. And yes, Earth Mother, they are organic.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Some good sales on now

Sales sales sales!

1. Anthropologie is doing 30% off sale items
$17.50 Tulum cloth napkin set of 6 (was $42)

2. Ann Taylor Loft is doing 40% off regular and 50% off sale
(link goes to a pretty rose colored $30 dress that was $80)

3. Land's End is doing 40% off and free shipping

$42 Colorblock cardigan (was $98)
Also comes in navy. I love both.

Skinny ties

Skinny ties are here to stay, and you should get one if you don't already have one.


They look best on average or slender guys (you don't want a giant expanse of chest and then a tiny tie in the middle making you look fatter).

They also look great with cardigans or blazers that you leave open. When you have a narrow opening down the center of your chest, a skinny tie will make you look classier and fits right in there.

Here are some good inexpensive ones from

$25 Dead tree red 2" silk tie

$20 Black silk 2" tie

$22 woven pattern blue silk 1.5" tie

$20 beige knit 2.5" eco tie

Try one!
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