Tuesday, November 26, 2013

6 Pleather Jackets that will be 50% off starting Friday

 For Black Friday, Urban Outfitters is doing half off the already reduced sale items.

I found a few cute things but I was very impressed at all the pleather jackets that will be super cheap once they are an additional 50% off.
If you are looking for one or if you like the style of the leather arm jackets but don't want to commit to the cost of a real one, these are great options.

My picks:
Members Only hooded bomber (originally $99, will be $25)
This has a pleather body and cloth sleeves.

Silence and Noise hooded bomber (originally $99, will be $25)
Brown pleather all over.

byCorpus Plaid moto jacket (originally $89, will be $25)

Silence and Noise quilted bomber (originally $99, will be $25)
I like the diamond quilted pattern.

The cheapest one! 

Members Only Fabric Mix moto (originally $99, will be $25)
I like the light green with the black and zippers.

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