Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ringly vibrates when your phone wants to alert you

Most of the new wearable tech gadgets like the exercise trackers and watches have been, frankly, ugly. And male-focused. 

That is why I am especially happy to see this useful and pretty design called Ringly.
My favorite version: $180 Ringly in Emerald (preorder price)

It's a ring you wear that vibrates in a few different patterns to let you know when you have an alert on your phone. You can set it to vibrate for different things, like a call or a text or a calendar appointment.

It looks like a normal cocktail ring with gold plating over brass and a big stone.

You can choose the stone you want from onyx, pink sapphire, moonstone, and emerald. The FAQs say that they are ethically sourced as well.

Don't get too pumped about the quality of the stones, I can tell even from the small pics on their website that the sapphire and emerald are really low grade. There are cracks and opacity and lack of luster. Onyx and moonstone are cheap anyway so those look shinier.
But anyway, this isn't as much about buying a sparkling high carat gem as it is finding a nice consumer-grade accessory.
$145 Ringly in onyx (preorder price)

I really like this idea because it would allow me to keep my phone on silent instead of vibrate, and not worry about phantom bag vibrations.
Also, often I will just not notice the vibration or ringtone if my phone is in another room. With the ring on, I wouldn't miss any calls.

The battery lasts 2 days and then you recharge it by putting in it its box and plugging that into a usb charger.
Looks like you can wash your hands with it on but not soak it, but that's still pretty good.

It works with Android or iOS but not blackberry or windows phones.
If you pre-order now, it will come in Fall.

Cool, no?

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