Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A few of my favorite things: Discontinued MAC Slimshine Lipstick in Scant

I am always on the hunt for a great almost-bare share of lipstick, and my current favorite for the last 6 months has been MAC Slimshine Lipstick in Scant.

It's a narrow tube, and it goes on very smoothly and easily and feels slick and oily (but in a good way). Despite this, the tube actually lasts a long time and doesn't get worn down as quickly as a lip butter or tinted gloss stick.

Scant seems to be a little bit darker than my natural lip color but not very different, and I think it makes me look polished and put together but not super makeup-y.
I was introduced to it by my friend Becca who is a makeup artist and owns a makeup salon downtown called Rouge (check it out!).We were figuring out looks for my wedding and I liked a lot of the lipsticks we tried, but we decided that for the natural but rosy effect we were going for that Scant was the winner.
It's described as a light berry mauve pink.

Getting ready and choosing earrings!

And I've been wearing it a lot ever since!

It is shiny and smooth but not glossy or sticky.

Now I just went to the MAC website to get a pic and pricing, and it looks like they don't make it anymore.

But I think the line of Slimshine lipsticks became Sheen Supreme lipstick and I think the Fashion City or Impressive colors look  closest.

$17 MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick in Fashion City
Here is what they say about it:
"Combining the colour impact of a Lipstick with the shine sheen of a Lipglass, Sheen Supreme creates the perfect hybrid - with no compromise. Lightweight, non-sticky, slick to apply and comfortable to wear. This is a must-have for all those who have craved this kind of fusion."

This review says the Sheen Supremes have more pigment than the Slimshines so maybe they aren't going to be a dupe.

Looks like I can get a tube of discontinued Scant here for $13.50 and I might, just to have another for when mine runs out.

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