Tuesday, November 26, 2013

6 Pleather Jackets that will be 50% off starting Friday

 For Black Friday, Urban Outfitters is doing half off the already reduced sale items.

I found a few cute things but I was very impressed at all the pleather jackets that will be super cheap once they are an additional 50% off.
If you are looking for one or if you like the style of the leather arm jackets but don't want to commit to the cost of a real one, these are great options.

My picks:
Members Only hooded bomber (originally $99, will be $25)
This has a pleather body and cloth sleeves.

Silence and Noise hooded bomber (originally $99, will be $25)
Brown pleather all over.

byCorpus Plaid moto jacket (originally $89, will be $25)

Silence and Noise quilted bomber (originally $99, will be $25)
I like the diamond quilted pattern.

The cheapest one! 

Members Only Fabric Mix moto (originally $99, will be $25)
I like the light green with the black and zippers.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I want the slouchy cashmere tunic from Everlane

$140 Slouchy cashmere tunic
It comes is dark grey (shown), taupe, and black. I think I need all three. They are just so perfectly casual but luxurious at the same time.

If you don't know about Everlane, it's a web-only store that tries to eliminate the middlemen in the sales process and cut down on costs while delivering high-quality items for regular prices.
Nothing on Everlane is "cheap" per se, but the idea is that you are paying a normal sweater price for a way fancier version of the sweater. This would probably cost $300+ at a normal store.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Leather drawstring bag for Annie

My friend Annie is back with a new request for shopping help. This time, she wants "A drawstring leather handbag that is cross body and no more than $375" without logos or too much hardware.

Let's go shopping!

The first thing that I would say here is that I think when Annie says "drawstring" she really means "bucket bag" since those typically have drawstring closures. That term definitely gets more search results.

Second, Annie didn't specify color, but since she is allergic to that word (moreso than to mosquitos?), I am going to assume she wants black, brown, or gray. Something cheerful, you know?

Here are some options:

$225 Cynthia Rowley bucket bag
This one is 7" wide, 10.25" tall, with a 48" shoulder strap and drawstring cinch closure. That is on the small end of sizes but a good size for a purse if you aren't trying to shove your whole life into it.
It comes in black and brown but the brown seems to be out of stock now.

$199 Status Anxiety Distant Lover bucket bag
About the same size, this bag is 10x11" and is made of pebbled leather (good for not showing scratches) with nickel hardware.

$140 Baggu Leather bucket bag
This is the quintessential bucket bag without any markings or logos, as far as I am concerned. It is 6x9"
The natural color pictured can be found at Needsupply
A caramel version can be found at Urban Outfitters
A black version can be found at baggu.com

$198 Free People Tajos Shredded suede bucket bag
This is kind of fringed and cut along the body of the bag. It is larger than the previous bags at 12x14"
It also come in gold but bleucccchh.

$81 Vintage Coach leather bucket bag
Ebay has a bunch of these leather bucket bags available now, and they are 8x10.5" It has two outside pockets that I like.

$108 Vintage black leather bucket bag with brass decoration
I like this one but I think it might be too "flashy" for Annie because of the baubles, we'll see. 13x13"

I bet Annie will like the Cynthia Rowley or the Baggu bags the best.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Travel-Inspired Jewelry from Sikara & Co

Sikara is a company started by Mousumi Shaw that showcases her talent for absorbing culture and aesthetics during her travels and translating them into wearable and modern pieces of jewelry.

I think these would make great holiday gifts, and here are my picks:

18K Vermeil Brazil Nut Leaf Earring
$88 Amazon vermeil brazil nut leaf earrings
18k gold over silver

18K Vermeil Clam Shell Earrings
$75 Amazon vermeil clam shell earrings

Arabesque Flower Cut Out Ring (Aqua Chalcedony)
$115 Egyptian silver chalcedony ring

Vermeil Cleopatra Square Necklace
$325 Cleopatra necklace
18k gold vermeil

Vermeil Brushed Leaf Bracelet
$395 Full leaf bracelet Mexico
gold vermeil

Honey Comb Earrings
$85 Honeycomb earrings
bloom collection

18K Bilbao Sculptured Drops
$175 bilbao scupltured drops
spain collection vermeil

Jaipuri Stone Leaf Pendant (Aquamarine)
$175 Aquamarine leaf pendant

Desert Print Ring (Smoky Quartz)
$285 Smokey quartz ring


Twenty Strand Earrings
$75 India 20 strand earrings

18K Vermeil Jaipuri Mogul Quartz Drop Earring (Green Amethyst)
$125 Jaipuri moghul earrings quartz

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