Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lady Gaga/Barneys nails!

So, Lady Gaga has teamed up with Barneys to create "Gaga's Workshop," a line of makeup and stuff. They just released press on nails that are totally crazy.
They have shit hanging off them all over the place and they are sparkly and gold and overall nuts.

Some are too crazy or weirdly shaped for me, but I like a bunch of them.

Here are my picks:

$45 Geometric with rhinestones nail tips

$45 Black and gold chain design nail tips

$45 Geometric black stones design nail tips

Go check them out- do you like these or the crazier ones?


Here is a list of things I have been thinking about that I'd like. Look for more full reports on these items in a few days as I do more research.
Do you have a wish list?

-cap toe pumps or flats with a pointed toe in nude and black
-40+ inch flat tv
-leopard ballet flats or pumps
-cocktail ring with a giant stone
-nail polish with flakies
-a fancy candle
-cashmere throw blanket
-yellow rain boots
-two tone riding boots
-rubber duckie tea infuser membership
-navy Wolford tights
-Idealist face lotion
-lavender oil diffuser reed things
-Guerlain lipstick
-MAC blackout gel liner pot
-retractable or travel blush brush
-nice peppermint tea
-truffle oil
-Aztec towels
-digital running watch
-bath bombs

Make your own Book Book

You've seen the cute mac cases that look like old books, right?
They are called Book Book and they cost about $80.
$79 13" Macbook air case Book Book

Wouldn't you rather make your own for almost free?
 All you need is an old book, some boards (they say archival but I say cardboard is ok) and some fabric and glue.

Check out this tutorial:

 Tablet book holder tutorial (scroll down)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update on Aztec Towels

Breaking news everyone!
The saga of the Aztec bath towel continues...
The Pendleton Aztec bath towels are back in stock at Urban Outfitters, though not in the color I'd originally wanted.

$48 Turquoise Trail Pendleton bath towel

$48 Rose Valley Pendleton bath towel

$48 Big Thunder Pendleton bath towel

$48 Jerome Pendleton Bath towel

$48 Chief Joseph Pendleton bath towel

Which one do you prefer?
I like the Chief Joseph or the Turquoise best I think. I am not sure though, I want to see them in person somewhere.

Or do you like the other company's aztec towel better?
$48 Aztec towel
Or is this just the Jerome listed above?
It's all a murky mystery.

Etsy Finds of the Day

$70 Olive green pendant light
The color of this shade is so perfectly vintage. And the enamel looks flawless. Add a bulb and go!

$14 Mini Danish Modern silver teapot
I'd use this to serve salad dressing or gravy or maple syrup

$10 Vintage numbers wine glass tags
 Remembering "my glass is #6" is a lot easier than "my glass is the one on the windowsill but not that one, the one to the left of that one."

Word to the Wise: Rodarte Sample Sale Thursday

Rodarte is having a sample sale this Thursday, Dec 1.
I can't go because I'll be out of town at work, so you guys go for me!
Get me some shredded tights with strings hanging off them and stuff please.

RSVP by sending an email to andy@rodarte.netand you'll get the location.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mai Cashmere Cyber sale

Mai is offering 70% off all of the pieces on its website for today only!
The discount shows up in your shopping cart automatically.

My picks:
Long cashmere tunic in Espresso
Normally $450, today $135
Great with tights and an undershirt

Cache-Coeur Cardigan in Campari
Normally $365, today $109.50
Bright and cozy

Drawstring cashmere pants
Normally $495, now $148.50
The ultimate peak of lounging.

Long cashmere camisole
Normally $230, today $69
It would be so nice to have a cashmere layer on underneath everything everyday.

Great shoes on sale at Lulu's today

Lulu's is having a 30% off sale today, and while they are known for fun and cheap dresses, I am really liking their shoes instead.

Jeffrey Campbell Sunny Orange suede was $148 now $62.30With the mix of colors on the straps, these could match almost anything
Chelsea Crew Jolie peeptoe was $63 now $28.70
The stacked heel is what makes this one special.
Vegan, for those who like that.

Matiko Lori Powder blush and black glitter heel was $153 now $107.10
So high! So sturdy!
The glittery heel is unexpected and great.

Jessica Simpson Bede colorblock heel was $79 now $55.30
The colorblocking on this heel is done so well. The colors work together and add to the shape of the shoe.

Chelsea Crew Leila blue and cream spectator flat was $53 now $37.10Refined and classy and cute.
Good for work or walking around town.

Remember, my size is 37 or 7! Feel free to surprise me with any of these, especially the spectators and the Sunny's.

Etsy Find of the Day: baby finger candle


$4 lavender peace sign candle

So I guess this is for people who love kids who love peace, but they love them so much that they want to set them on fire? And also wish that their hands were purple?

Or maybe for people who want to celebrate the occasion of suffocating a child inside a cake and only leaving one hand strategically poking up out of it?

Or people who just like to watch kids' hands burn?

At least it is cheap? I don't know.

Rachel Rachel Roy 40% off today

Welcome back from your Thanksgiving celebrations!

Did you eat too much and now can't fit in to any of your clothes?
Luckily for you, it's cyber Monday and you can buy all new clothes at a discount.

The Rachel Rachel Roy sale is a good one-- 40% off everything!

Here are my picks:

Laurel Blouse- was $79 now $47.40
I like the breezy drape and the sleeve slits
It also comes in black or orange but I think the orange looks cheap. Sad, because it would have been so cool.

Peggy Coat was $209 now $125.40
This coat has a lot of feminine details and a nice vintage inspired shape. Burgundy is a color that looks good on most people, too.
Some coats you don't want to wear over dresses because they are too short and make you look like you aren't wearing anything underneath. Other coats are too bulky to wear with fancy clothes, but this one is just right.

Hooded scarf, was $49 now $29.40
I like scarves that have hoods built-in, they feel glamorous in a 1960s way. Cute tied in a bow as shown here.

Lacina Colorblock closed toe wedge was $110 now $66
A nice high wedge that is good for the office or going out and still being able to walk.
The unexpected colors on the heel make it fun and not boring.

Sequin frame clutch was $69 now $41.40
A great little going-out bag to hold your phone, cards, money, and lipstick

Large colorblock bucket bag was $99 now $59.40
I love the different geometric shapes and accents on this bag. I wish they would tell you what it is made of. I am guessing PU and not leather by the price, but I want to know!
It would be a good work bag or weekend bag.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Etsy Find of the Day: Art by Andrea Cook

Andrea Cook (atelier28 on Etsy) does some mighty nice watercolors and etchings. Would you like to come upstairs and see them?

I thought so.

$40 Watercolor painting of sail boats

I am impressed by people who can do watercolors well; the layering of colors and the preservation of white space is something I never could get right.

$48 Watercolor painting of trees
I like the little touches of color on the birds and the orange in the trunks on this one.

$25 Etching of beach hut

Even modern etchings look old-fashioned, right?
She is good at achieving texture and depth with just a few marks.

$25 Etching of a spotted feather
This one looks straight out of an old encyclopedia, right?

They are affordable, too. Not bad! I hope she makes more like these and less of the watercolor cats.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Word to the Wise: Crumpler Sale this Weekend

Guys love Crumpler bags because they are built to withstand a lot of abuse and don't have giant logos on them.
Plus they are more interesting and colorful than your standard backpack, but they are still versatile and not too sporty.

This weekend, everything at the sample sale is 70% off. Whoa.

Private Zoo messenger, normally $85, now $25.50

Old banger duffel bag Normally $80 now $24


Deal: 70% off bags and accessories. Bags originally $180 are now $54, and accessories start as low as $9.
When/Where: Friday, November 25 through Sunday, November 27. Daily 11am—9pm. 45 Spring St between Mulberry and Mott Sts (212-334-9391)

Etsy Finds of the Day: Elegant Thanksgiving-Inspired items

It's so hard to find Fall or Thanksgiving decorations that aren't like "LEAVES!!!ALL OVER!!" or "CHECK OUT THIS CRAZZY TURKEY" or "MY KID DREW A PICTURE AND NOW YOU HAVE TO DISPLAY IT"

Etsy does have its share of those.

But luckily, not everything on offer is so tacky.

$54 printed linen napkins (set of 6)
I like the subtle color and not over-the-top message and design of these. Plus you can use them year-round.

$24 Drop earrings in fall colors
The shape of the large briolet reminds me of a bird/turkey body.

$20 Get Stuffed spoon
This is a cute idea for serving.

$3.75 Vintage Thanksgiving postcards
Decoration that is holiday themed but not horrible? no way.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Sales in NYC

If you are going to be around on Friday (I'm not), skip the craziness of the big box stores and try these nicer sales instead:
sale listing from Refinery29

JNBY coat

The ones I'd check out are:

The Spot: Opt for the less-packed MPD location for winter-ready scores from one of our favorite streetwear brands. Loads of merchandise is slashed 25% for the day, meaning gals' merch, gents' duds, and accessories are on sale.
Must Know: Can't make it? AllSaints e-store has the same discounts all weekend long online.
AllSaints Spitalfields, 415 West 13th Street (between 9th and Washington avenues); 646-862-1832.

The Spot: Enjoy discounts at all stores, including the multi-level flagship. Products like the cherry and black houndstooth jacket and over-the-knee wedge boots go for under $200.
Must Know: The sales are amazing but you've got to act fast: Black Friday offers you an additional 50% off all sales merchandise, while Saturday gets you 30%, and Cyber Monday gets you 28% off your entire purchase and free shipping only online.
DKNY, 655 Madison Avenue (at 60th street); 212- 223-3569.

The Spot: Fans of asymmetrical, futuristic knits in cozy voluminous forms will be pleased with the 30% to 50% off discount on select fall merchandise. Great scores for killer winter layering.
Must Know: The winter coats nail the cocoon trend perfectly, so stop in early to scoop your size.
JNBY, 75 Greene Street (between Spring and Broome streets); 212-219-2529.

Thistle & Clover
The Spot: A Brooklyn staple, party-ready tops, and warm-and-toasty sweaters are all up to 60% off. Score goods from designers like Trovata, Geren Ford, and Petiole.
Must Know: Feel lazy about trekking over the bridge? These deals can also be found on their e-store, as well.
Thistle & Clover, 221 Dekalb Avenue (at Adelphi Street); Brooklyn; 718-855-5577.

For your favorite furry friend (no, not your pet)

Well, the time has come when mainstream clothing lines offer fetish wear.
Urban Outfitters gives us the privilege of buying hooded animal "buddies."
Plus, they are on sale! :(

$49.99 Panda buddy
No wonder they have trouble getting them to want to mate

$49.99 Owl buddyBoo hoot

Snuggie? Lazy Halloween costume for next year? Not gonna touch it?
You decide.

Etsy Finds of the Day: Metal boulders

$1,000 Faceted Boulders
I didn't know I needed these until right now.
Perfect for getting rust on white carpets, sending misbehaving kids to sit on the boulder for time out, or pretending you have a 125 ft rabbit who leaves these as droppings.

They are like giant dirty jewels.
I am not sure if you get all of them or just one, but I hope it is all of them.
Someone find out and let me know.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aztec bath towel

Ever since I didn't get the Pendleton towel I wanted from Urban Outfitters...ahhh regret... I have been keeping an eye out for a similar one.
This towel does the trick:
$48 Brown Aztec Bath towel

The colors are rich and good for Fall. I liked the brighter colors of the UO towel, but this one is probably better quality. Doesn't it look plush?
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