Friday, September 30, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things: DKNY Jeans Missy Skinny

One of my new favorite items in my wardrobe is an incredibly useful pair of DKNY jeans that I got at a clothing swap.

They are skinny jeans, but they have less stretch and a higher rise than the other skinnies I have or have tried on, and they are surprisingly much more comfortable.

The medium blue wouldn't have been my first choice if I were buying them, but now that I have them, I like the shade a lot. They are more casual than darker jeans, but they go with everything and still can be dressed up or down.

Want some? They are on sale at Zappo's:
$38.40 DKNY Jeans Missy Skinny

The higher rise is nice; the older I get, the less I want my underwear peeking out by accident. These jeans make you feel secure and all tucked in.

Target is SUCKING!

First it was all the BS with the Missoni orders being charged and then not shipped and then delayed and then maybe not ever getting delivered.
My order which I was told went through came back delayed with a late October estimated shipping date.

Now, with their cyber Monday deal that I posted about before, it's happened again!
They give an order confirmation and then don't ship anything and then a few days later you get an email saying your shipment won't come for another 3 weeks. GRRRRRRR

I used to love Target and shopping online with them, but they are quickly losing my loyalty.
All 3 items I tried buying are delayed.
And they don't even give you an option to cancel and get a refund if you don't want the stuff late anymore.

Dear Target,
And please shape up.

What to Buy from Revolve Clothing carries mid-range and high-end brands of women's clothes, shoes, and bags.
They have a great sale section and you can sort by what percent off you want to see.

Here are the items I'd choose, all 50% off or more:

$59 Nightcap Ruffle Tuxedo Tunic in Storm
You can also get this in black or white, but I think the gray does the best job of showing the pleats. I'd wear this with dark skinny jeans and ankle boots.

$25 Save Your Skin Tank Dress
The cotton layer and the gauzy layer overlap and make this dress look ethereal. I love the double strap, too.
This would be great to throw on after the beach or to wear as a nightgown as well. To dress it up, you could wear it with a wide belt and knee-high boots.

$39 Obey Lost Forest Romper
This cotton romper has a really cute leaf pattern on the dark blue background. It is light and flattering.

$19 Falke Pure Matt 50 in Paraffin
Falke is a really classy hosiery brand, and their tights usually sell for $50+, so this seems like a great deal. I like the dark aqua, almost black color. It would look nice with a gray dress or something beige.

$30 Decades Denim Ali Cargo Pant in Smoke

I have cargo skinnies (mine are from Mandee, the teen store, since I didn't want to spend a lot on the trend) and I end up wearing them all the time on the weekend.
These are almost as cheap as my trashy ones, and they are much better made. The pockets aren't bulky so you won't look like you are smuggling saddlebags on your thighs.

What do my nails look like? Thanks for asking!

It's been too long since I've done a nail post, and my nails are kind of fun right now.

I started with a blue metallic Sally Hanson base, and then when the tips got chipped and worn, I added a Rimmel Marine Blue (greenish) tip, and an H&M hot pink stripe underneath it.


I free-handed it instead of using tape, so that is why it's a little shaky and uneven. But freehanding is so much faster than tape.
Also, you can see some of the Marine that got on my finger, but that will come off in the shower.

What to Buy from Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley makes beautful and well-designed women's clothes.
Her website showcases a lot of great items, but the real awesome secret is the amazing sale section of the site.

Here is what I'd buy from the sale pieces:
$59 Strawberry fields henley
This solid silk pullover blouse was $230 and now you can have it for only $59. It drapes well and looks great with a skirt or pants for the office, or ripped jeans for the weekend.

$59 Rouched shoulder topThis silk twill top also used to be $230. It comes in the pattern above and a crazier bright floral on black print. I love the length of the sleeve, covers your upper arms and is appropriate for work, but leaves your lower arms free for a warm day.

$69 Pick Pocket SkirtMarked down from $295, this skirt has awesome cutouts and hidden side pockets. I love pockets. Don't you? You can also have it in bright orange.

$69 Invisible border cardigan
This sweater is one of those pieces that you think is just a normal staple but then SURPRISE! it has sheer panels making it totally cool.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

$49.80 Forever21 Convertible Collar Coat
Doesn't this coat look like what Little Red Riding Hood would wear after she conquered the wolf?
The faux fur collar is removable, so if you want a plainer coat, you can have one. I like it on, myself.

Etsy find of the day

$60 Sculptural folded necklace

This white necklace makes such a statement. It is stiff but uneven, which makes it more playful.
It would look great over a simple solid dress or shirt and really stand out, or you could wear it with a patterned top and use it to bring a multi-colored outfit together.

It is shiny PVC on one side and matte canvas on the other, so you can choose which you want to display depending on your outfit.
I think this is a great piece!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pocket on Pocket Duffel Bag

This is my new obsession. It is just so pretty to look at.
And there is a pocket ON the other pocket. Hot pocket on pocket action. Not Hot Pockets, though.

$448 Marc by Marc Jacobs Pocket on Pocket duffel

Someday, pocket on pocket, you will be mine. Unless I have a new obsession by the time I save up the money for you.

Also, did you guys know that Zappo's has a high end site where they sell upscale brands? This was news to me. They have the same free shipping policies as the normal site, which is cool.

Stainless Steel Sharpie

$5.45 Stainless Steel Sharpie
I must have this.
It is so slick.
Does everyone love Sharpies like I do?
Plus it is all eco-friendly and refillable.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sailor Stuff for Men

Your girlfriend or boyfriend wishes you looked a little more nautical. Just wear this stuff.

$56 Ship Sweatshirt
This looks so soft, you would be very cuddly in this.

$36 Shark Shirt
Did you catch that yourself? I am very impressed.

$76 Shipping Board Hoodie
This looks vintage, like you've worn it out in a lot of storms while you were working on a boat. You did that, right?

$6.99 Anchor socks
So much more special than regular tube socks.

$70 Yacht Sleeping bag
I guess you can sleep over, if you bring your own blanket...

Silver Driftwood Ring

$39 Noemi Klein Driftwood stacked ring

This gorgeous and unique silver ring is marked down from $144 to $39 right now. It comes in size 5, which is perfect for someone with small fingers like me.

Very tempting.

Isn't the rough look cool?

Faux Bois Soaps

$22 Faux-bois soaps (4 pack)

How cute are these? I love the wood grain imprint. They are made from grapefruit, clementine, and green tea, so I bet they smell really fresh and nice. I like that they don't just smell like pine or sandalwood or something expected.

Etsy find of the day

$24 Turkish cotton hammam towel
Remember the hammam towels from before?
Well I still want one.
Do you?
Here is another great option, all cotton, with pretty stripes.

Q: When is a fanny pack ok to wear?

A: When you call it a belt with pockets and you make it really expensive.

$180 Slvr Men's pocket belt
This is a way for men to have purses or extra pockets I guess now that everyone is wearing tightass skinny jeans.
It would take a certain kind of guy to pull this off, but it wouldn't automatically look dumb like most fanny packs.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The perfect 3/4 knit blazer cardigan

Remember when I was talking about the gift from my sister that I love and wear all the time?
I think I have found a very close cousin of it, and it is under $30!
$24.90 Frenchi Knit back open cardigan
Don't be put off by the fact that it's in the Junior's dept. It has no closures and the sleeves are meant to be short, so it will fit!

Split Decision Pie Pan

$17.95 Split pie pan
I like the idea of making only half a pie if you aren't feeding too many people, or making two kinds of pie in the same tin.
The divider in this pan also serves as a handle that you can use to lift the pies out. Clever! Getting pies out of the tin is usually impossible unless you have a springform pan.

Another dress with animals on it

$52 Zebra Herd Dress
Zebras! They are like horses designed with more whimsy!
This dress is poly and it might be a little see-through, but I like it anyway.
Because I'm a sucker.

Etsy find of the day: Everyday Jewelry

Some jewelry is for special occasions, but some you just want to wear every day.
These are pieces that you can wear with almost anything anytime you want.

$46 Gold plated spike earrings
They look like mini-hedgehogs!

$27 Leather wrap bracelet
You can wear this with prints, knits, woven dresses, and sweatshirts.
The wagon wheel closure gives it a rustic and antique touch.

$36 Mini-Chevron earrings
These little silver earrings look like arrows and are on-trend with this season's tribal look.

Vamp iPhone wallet

This serves as an iphone case, a wallet, or a clutch or purse for going out.
I think the design is really smart and I like the way it looks hard and geometric but then is flexible.

$27.99 Vamp iPhone purse
If I had an iPhone, I'd definitely get one of these.
Check out how it opens up:

You can leave your phone in it and talk on the phone, text, or take pictures.

It even has a makeup mirror in it.

I can see using this as a regular case and putting the whole thing inside my larger bag most days. I know it has a detachable longer strap, but I am not sure if the wrist strap comes off. I don't like those.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Betsey Johnson Sale

Betsey Johnson has a sale going on online now and today, certain items are an extra 40% off.
There are some cute dresses, but I think the best deals are on the underwear.
I am a big fan their underwear:
$9 Stretch cotton bralette

$5.40 Low rise cotton thong

If you don't want to shop online and you live in NYC, there is  Betsey Johnson sample sale happening tomorrow as well:
Betsey Johnson Sample Sale at the Millenium Hotel, 145 West 44th Street (between 6th Ave and Broadway); 6th floor; 212-993-9251
Wednesday, September 28, through Friday, September 30, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday, October 1, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Target Cyber Monday happening now

Here is what I am thinking of getting:
$15 Kaiala boots

$45 Katherine engineer boots

$19.99 Crockpot slow cooker

$339.99 Sylvania 32" HDTV/DVD

Oneida Pizza Stone with Serving Rack

$9.99 (down from $34.99) Pizza stone with chrome serving rack

Isn't this smart? You can cook your bread or pizza on the stone and then serve it immediately by putting it on the rack and not burning yourself or your table.

This is an awesome deal, and I've been wanting one, so I got it.
You can get another $1 or so off with code DH11 at checkout.

Happy shopping!

Great online store: Gent Supply Co.

Gent Supply Co. has a variety of gifts and accessories and I'll be bookmarking it for presents in the future.
Here are some of the items that caught my eye:

$170 MLB cufflinks
These cufflinks are made of baseballs that were used in real MLB games. The price tag is steep but might be a meaningful gift and worth it to a baseball fanatic.

$16.50 Monochromatic deck of cards
Sleek and subtle. For the person who likes everything in their lives to be designed and artful.

$12.50 Whiskey shave jelly
Don't you wish you could wake up and have the scent of alcohol seeping out of your pores without getting plastered every night? This is the solution.

$21.95 Corksicle
This device is a cork attached to a plastic icicle thing that has some sort of liquid in it, that you freeze and then put in your bottle to keep it cold. It's neat to chill things from the inside out.

Vintage Divorce Rings

There was recently an article on "divorce ceremonies" and parties like weddings to celebrate a split. As part of these ceremonies, many couples crush or destroy their rings.

Looks like that trend is not a new one:
Isn't that interesting? I would love to go to lunch and look over at another table and see a woman with a multi-notched ring and think about all her exes.

It is funny how people broadcast their love lives in so many different ways over the ages, from claddagh rings to bindis to rings and veils.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Animal Photo Holders

$30 for set of 4 Animal Photo Holders
These magnetic animals hold your pictures in their bodies. I think it would be funny to take a picture of yourself riding a horse and then make the horse ride the bear or something.
You can get them individually for $9 each but I think they would make a nice family portrait set with one person in each holder.

How to Make Me Buy Something Impulsively

Put little animals all over it in a barely noticeable print.

I have a dress from Gsus that has  tiny olive sharks on a lighter moss background.
I have a thermal shirt with pink and blue bunnies on it.

So when I saw a shirtdress at H&M yesterday with off-white deer on a black background I had to get it without even trying it on.
Of course, when I got it home it was too short to wear to work so I reluctantly returned it.
(that is someone else wearing it)

but the whole experience made me realize what my impulse purchasing weakness is.

Then I walked into F21 and saw these two items:
$17.80 Cat print dress
(NO I still don't like cats, thankyouverymuch)

$19.80 Bird print shirt

I didn't get them but now I wish I'd gotten that bird shirt.
Oh wait! here it is online! The in-flight shirt.

Ooh and here's another
$17.80 Flock of birds top

I hope small animal designs are going to be everywhere! I'll have a hard time not buying everything.

Do you have a shopping impulse trigger? What is it?
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