Saturday, July 30, 2011

Etsy finds of the day

$140 Bullet casing ring
Shot through the heart...

$41.88 Red Cedar planters
Octagonal and natural and modern

$80 Turquoise nesting bowls
These remind me of vacations

$225 Carved Stoneware bowl
Doesn't your fruit deserve lace?

$115 Asymmetrical spiked heels
You know how sometimes your feet rub together as you walk and your shoes get all scuffed at the inner heel? Well with these, no one would notice your inner heels. Ever.

$ Salem tricorne Streamline cups (2)
You can't be a Jetson, but you can drink like one.

Friday, July 29, 2011

CND Nail Shellac

My coworker swears by these shellac manicures she gets with special gel polish that cures via UV light.
She says they last 2 or 3 weeks without chipping, and I have to admit that whenever I see her, they do look great.

But they cost so much more to do when you get a manicure that I would rather do it at home.
You have to get the special CND shellac polish and a UV drying light. They say you also need to get the base and topcoat polishes, but I bet you could do it without. Not sure though, since I haven't used anything like this before.

They sell a special CND UV dryer but again, I think you could probably get by with a cheapie one from Amazon.

There aren't too many colors out yet but they are coming out with more in the fall and the ones they do have are pretty.

Hot chili



This is what you stick your fingers or feet into in order to cure your polish

Doesn't look that different from the official one:

Want to know more?
Here's a hard-hitting article about shellac. Apparently, buying single bottles online is illegal, but I find that hard to believe.

Sale Skirts under $90

All of these skirts are 75% off or more!

$61.25 Z Spoke by Zac Posen Stretch Jersey skirt
This would be a great skirt to wear to work. It's neutral so it goes with everything, and the waist and pocket detail makes it a little special.

$87.50 Erin Featherston Folded skirtCreamy and pretty- good for a party.

$30 Topshop Suede Popper skirt in peach
Wear this with a white scoop neck or a patterned blouse and heels.

$24.99 The Limited Double Yoke skirt
Just long enough for work, and would look great with cable knit tights.

$30 Topshop Leather A-line skirt
Caramel leather and a cute, hip-skimming shape.

A great deal on flats

$26.99 Talbots Leather peep-toe d'orsay flats
A very small heel, just enough so your feet don't thud when you walk, and a gentle blush color.
Marked down from $109 to $26.99 for all real leather... it's like stealing!
I want to wear through a bunch of my shoes real quick so I can get these.

One Piece Swimsuits under $100

$82.50 Melissa swimsuit
White is just so chic, and you can show off your tan. It's lined so no wet tee shirt contest here.

$26.99 Panache Loren halter
This one is sold out in most sizes, but if you have a narrow torso and a large cup size, this one could be perfect for you.

$68.75 3.1 Philip Lim belted one piece
I love love love this one. Why not put a belt on while you are swimming?

$86 Volcom timelines one piece
Striperoo! The panels at the sides are slimming.

$56 Tyr solid square neck tank suit
This is a sporty choice with the white lines. The thick straps are good for holding up large busts.

$86.80 Badgley Mischka strapless suit in stone
Oh, your bathing suit doesn't have sparkles and couldn't be the top half of an evening gown? How terrible for you...

$84 DKNY scarf stripe O ring suit
This is what summer is about- bright colors, fun prints, and pretending you're on the French Riviera.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 great Modcloth Dresses for under $50

$44.99 Soda Fountain dress in ginger
Swingy and tight where you want it and loose where you don't.

$49.99 Pin up up and away dress
If you have a small or medium bustline and want to draw some attention to it and make it look huuuuge, then this is your dress.

$44.99 Peablossom dress
I would wear this to a concert with tall, flat caramel leather boots.

$44.99 Grill power dress
Perfect for the outdoors- a day in the park or a stroll on the boardwalk.

$47.99 Ship to shore dress
So many nautical stripe and details on one item of clothing! Buttons and pickets and thick stripes and thin stripes.

Pen Type-A

Why don't more pens come with rulers?
This is neat for so many reasons.

Anyone want to buy me one? I promise I won't lend it out or lose it. Or chew on it (ouch).
Their video is a little annoying, but I like the project.

Etsy finds of the day: Wooden Furniture edition

$460 Vintage 1933 green cabinet
This would be great for all sorts of things- makeup, underwear, hair stuff, stationery...

$140 Wood crate cabinet
Reclaimed crates and projects are fun

$1150 Vintage drawers credenza
I think credenza would make a nice girl's name

$6.99 Plans to make your own retro wood end tables
These would be great nightstands.
If I buy the plans and the wood, will someone make them for me?

$41 vintage blue and white shop drawers
Your tools are old-school

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cool Brand: Skunkfunk

Skunkfunk is an environmentally and socially conscious clothing brand for men and women that has a few small boutiques all over the world.
I just found out there is one in Soho in NYC so I am going to go see more of their clothes in person!

If you aren't lucky enough to have one near you, you can still shop the brand online.

Here are my picks:


$220 Zulema Coat
Pointed edges and raging color make this trench far from standard.

$85 Pobena dress
I love the apple green color and the soft drape emphasized by the arc across the shoulders.

$75 Urraka dress
Who DOESN'T want to be a mermaid?

$70 Basalgo pant
Silky and soft


$55 Men's shirt
All the style of a v neck but without the tufts of chest hair sticking out.

$125 Eguzi jacket
Nice color, shape, and even has a hood for rainy days

$110 Errupin sweater
You have to have serious fashion cred to pull this one off, since it could look like a crazy Cosby sweater if you're not careful, but on the right guy with the right raw denim jeans, it could be hot.

Happy shopping!

Cute DIY: flower straws

 How adorable are these?
I think cupcake liners are so pretty, and I love straws because then your lips and teeth don't have to touch ice (yuck!)

Etsy finds of the day: Vintage Boots Edition

It's very hot right now and I can't wait for boot weather to return.

$88 Vintage buff leather campus boots size 8
I like the light color and stacked heel

$52 Two-tone ankle boots size 8.5
Totally happening.

$48 Two color equestrian boots size 9
Remember when Betty Draper wore some just like this?

$50 Lace-up granny boots size 8.5
Channel your inner bohemian and wear these with a flowy dress

$45 Slouchy pirate boots size 8

$30 Brown lace up booties
Wear these with pinstripe trousers for a hot menswear look
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